Who’s Your Bet for Ultima’s Ascension Hero?

So we've started our own little version of Olympiad, or "Quest". Kap, during our meetup with him, reminded us why we have this Quest. The goals of this game, as summarized by Nicodemus, are: 1. To develop foresight, para masanay tayo to look at stocks na gagalaw na within 1-5days 2. To practice momentum plays (since... Continue Reading →


DD#15 June 02, 2017 Happy Monthsary! :)

We were allowed to trade starting May 02, 2017. Today is officially a month of trading for us! (celebrate) Haha! Thanks to the missed trades, the wrong sells, the fear that took over preventing me to give a stock a correct allocation, the right plan but still gave me losses. These made me a little better this... Continue Reading →

DD#14 May 31, 2017 Month One Ends

As of lunch time today, two stocks remain in my port: Did a quick morning cut on the stock I bought at close yesterday. My bias was it was going to have some momentum in the morning, so after market open when there was still no show of strength, I started selling. What stock was... Continue Reading →

DD#13 May 30, 2017 $MCP, $WEB, $ABG

It's been weeks since my last entry! Been busy with so many things and I was sick. My head including the eyes get painful every single day aside from my flu which I think was actually pneumonia developing. Thanks to Usana vitamins (yes, they're the best!), I think it was prevented. Though I still get dizzy everyday. My partner says it's... Continue Reading →

DD#12 May 19, 2017 

Today, I just watched stocks in the morning. By 1pm today, I'll be preparing to leave for Manila. And by evening, my classmates and I will be busy for an event. We'll also have another event the next day. 🙂 I'll share my paper trades but I'll update this later, I gotta go for the event... Continue Reading →

DD#11 May 18, 2017 $APX Round 2

So yesterday I bought a stock which I sold today. Pero seryoso, I looked at my past trades and I realized that ang kati ng kamay ko. I almost always want to sell immediately to think we haven't been taught yet how to look at minutes charts! I don't try to analyze minutes charts YET but looking at my... Continue Reading →

DD#10 May 17, 2017 Overthinking

Been a long time, guys! How are you? Today I bought a stock but only half of my bids were hit. I actually divided my orders into two but with the same price. Haha. My first batch was hit and my second wasn't. One Out of Three Let me describe to you how my trading... Continue Reading →

DD#9 May 12, 2017 

It seems to me that I cannot think clearly. Having problems at home surely doesn't help. And I had to finish some tasks at work. I have also been feeling dizzy for days now. I think it is because of the lack of sleep, physical exhaustion and mental pressure. I usually can handle tasks and... Continue Reading →

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